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The compassion connection.

Looking to increase your happiness, health and sense of well-being? Try showing a little more compassion to yourself and others. It turns out that compassion is essential for inner peace, mental clarity and emotional stability. It opens our hearts, lifts our spirit and removes the obstacles that sep... More

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Boost Your Energy

Life is a creative process. It is fueled by positive energy, vision and passion. When your energy is full and strong, you’ll find that ideas, solutions and enthusiasm flow in a steady stream that elevates every aspect of life. Here’s the thing. If you’re like most people, you use far more ener... More

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Victory Laps

Creating Personal Peace

While it seems obvious that my choices should be based upon my values, I’ve become quite aware of just how hard that can be some days. I’m in my mid-40s and still feel the peer pressure to “go along…to get along.” Yesterday,  I chose to let go of the expectations of ot... More

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Programs Designed For Growth

Spiral Up

You need energy for everything you do. Create simple daily practices to restore, strengthen and expand your energy. Learn how to best of who you are to everything you do. 30 day program – $49


The Upside

Experience what’s possible with positive energy, an inspired vision and true passion. Learn to take consistent action. Clear barriers. And create a life that’s happy, productive and rewarding. 90 day program – $199


Growing Edge®

Get your masters in living. Learn to access the connections, clarity and creativity that propel life-changing goals. Strengthen your flexibility. Expand your capacity. And enjoy life. 365 day program – $3,999


Create The Conditions For Growth

Business Growth

When your teams grow business grows. Growth naturally energizes people, inspires creativity and strengthens productivity. Experience what more is possible when your people are thriving. Consistently.



Life expands when you grow. Learn to bring the best of who you are to everything you do–personally and professionally. Learn simple daily practices to increase your happiness, productivity and satisfaction in life.



We love nothing more than to inspire growth. Feel how positive energy ignites passion. Learn mind opening ideas. Experience personal insights. And gain practical tips to put into action.


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